Increase Golf Flexibility for Greater Power

increase Golf Flexibility

Flexibility is defined as the available range of motion about a specific joint. The range of motion can be limited by many factors. Some of these factors are nervous system control, muscle constraints, joint constraints, or skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Flexibility is considered by many to be one of the most important factors of a successful golf swing. The logic behind this belief is because it increases the movement distance for force application. Studies have demonstrated that greater amounts of force can be produced when a muscle is pre-stretched before performing the activity demanded of it.

A pre-stretched muscle

A pre-stretched muscle creates elastic recoil that applies additional force for a more powerful contraction. This procedure is also known as preloading the muscle. By understanding the dynamics of flexibility, it only makes sense that it contributes heavily to a more powerful golf swing.

Golf is a power sport. The golfer must be able to generate near-maximum power a certain number of times during a round of golf. Regardless of a player’s talent level, most effective and powerful swings are produced when the force-generating muscles are preloaded first. The force generating muscles are found in the lower body. There must be transfer of this force to the upper body in sequential motion in order to create a powerful and effective golf swing. This can only occur if the muscles in both areas are properly stretched and flexible.


Balance also plays an important role in the flexible movement and correct postural alignment for an effective golf swing. To some degree, flexibility and balance go hand in hand.

The fact is that no matter what your natural talent, age, gender, or current level of play if you condition your body for an increased level of flexibility the chances are very good that your golf swing will consistently improve. Even a few minutes a day of stretching exercises can go a long way to achieving improvement.

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